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Jikken provides confidence that your software is working, which helps you deliver results faster and more reliably to your customers. Check out our GitHub to start using our free open-source tools, and sign up to our platform to enable monitoring and analytics.

Deploy faster with higher confidence

How it works

Jikken provides tools which empower you to write API tests for your software.

Write Tests

Tests are defined as YAML files. They support a wide range of features including multi-stage test, variable embedding and extracting, value generators, comparing endpoint responses, and more!

Ship Code

Jikken tests are just text files, so all of your tests can live in your code repo. The CLI tool supports all major platforms and is easily scripted. It's easy to make Jikken part of your existing CI/CD pipeline.

Monitor Results

Once your tests are up and running, you can leverage our platform to monitor test runs. You can even create notifications and alerts under custom conditions, such as smoke tests failing in production, or regression tests failing in your QA environment.


Plans to meet your needs

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Payment frequency


Unlimited testing with real-time dashboards and analytics.

$8.50 /month

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  • Unlimited tests / runs
  • Basic analytics
  • Email support


Most popular

Unlimited testing for teams and companies. Integrations enable notifications and alerting.

$85.00 /month

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  • Everything in Individual
  • Up to 25 users
  • Integrations
  • Add-ons available


More users. More features. Better support.


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  • Everything in Professional
  • Unlimited users
  • Advanced analytics
  • Slack support
  • SSO

Frequently asked questions

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What is Jikken?
Jikken is a Command-Line tool which leverages YAML files to execute automated API tests. Tests are easy to implement and allow for a wide range of testing scenarios. Since the tests are just text files, Jikken plays nicely with CI/CD systems and source control.
Which platforms does Jikken support?
The Jikken CLI tool is open-source, so you can compile it for many different platforms as needed. We currently provide pre-compiled binaries for Linux, Mac, and Windows. We also provide several package managers for easier setup: Cargo, Homebrew, Chocolatey.
How much does Jikken cost?
The Jikken CLI tool is free and open-source. It is licensed under the MIT License. We also offer a paid cloud platform which helps organizations manage and monitor their automated testing.
Do you collect my data?
By default, Jikken does not collect any data. We do provide the ability to stream telemetry information back to our cloud platform as a means to improve usability across deployments, containers, and environments. This information is only collected if you configure an API Key linked to your account as part of our cloud platform.