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jk dryrun -h
Process tests without calling API endpoints
Usage: jk dryrun [OPTIONS] [path]...
[path]... The path(s) to search for test files
By default, the current path is used
-r Recursively search for test files
-t, --tag <tag> Select tests to run based on tags
By default, tests must match all given tags to be selected
--tags-or Toggle tag matching logic to select tests matching any of the given tags
--junit <junit_file> Output results in junit format to specified file
-h, --help Print help


Executes all test definitions in the current directory without making any API calls.

You can also specify one or more test files and/or paths to run, enable recursive searching, and filter tests based on tags via options.


pathThe current path(Optional) The path(s) at which to search for test files. These can be single test files, or directories containing one or more files. By default, the current path is used.


Print command details, arguments, and options to the console.
‑‑junitAn output filename/pathEnable output of test results in JUnit format to a file at the specified location.
‑rEnable recursive search for test files.
A single tag valueSpecify one or more tags to be matched when searching for test files. By default, test files much match all provided tags to be selected. Each tag should be provided as a separate -t option (e.g. -t tag1 -t tag2).
‑‑tags‑orToggle tag matching behavior to select tests matching any of the provided tags (as opposed to all).


Checking all tests in the current directory: