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Next Steps

Congrats, you’re a Jikken expert! Now what?

Get Jikken

If you haven’t already, install Jikken to start writing and running your own tests! Then check out our CLI commands and configuration documentation series to learn more about how to use the tool.

Write tests

Expand your test-writing knowledge and see all that Jikken can do in our test format documentation series. There’s also a reference of all supported fields and details on how to use each one.

We also offer an extension for VS Code to make writing tests easier.

Track your tests

Want to track your test runs over time, or receive alerts when your tests fail? Sign up for our web dashboard and start streaming your test data to the cloud. We offer plans for individuals as well as organizations!


The Jikken CLI tool is open source, so be sure to report any issues you come across. Take a crack at fixing a bug, or try implementing a new feature that would be useful to you.

Reach out

Have a question, feedback, or a feature request? Feel free to contact us!